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Tinto Amor Ecocharco

how it started…

For a family project we came to Campeche. The courteous treatment of the “Campechanos”, coupled with the harmonious set of their customs and traditions, led us to ask ourselves what we could do here, on their land, together with them.
Investigating we learned that in Campeche reforestation is a priority of the economic development plan; that the state has lots of unproductive rustic land plots with forest potential. And then we heard the history of the Palo de Tinte, concentrated around Palizada – its human center – and soon after we gave light to “Tinto Amor”, our project.

We are planting Tintos and developing plans to encourage their spread, first in the nearby communities and then throughout the region, with actions that will boost and fortify the labor, ecological, economic and social environment.

We arrived to stay!

Tree planting

Palo de Tinte

The Tinto grows in humid places and even in the water, it reaches 8 meters in height, has a foliage formed by small and oval leaves of 3 to 4 centimeters and yellow flowers with five petals, which have a white corolla with a great melliferous potential. In its trunk it produces “ink” that was used mainly to dye, and medicinally in treatments against colics. Its wood is appreciated in the rustic carpentry for its hardness and high resistance.

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  • Capture of carbon
  • Improvement of soils
  • Conservation and biodiversity


  • Sustainable systems
  • Research and dissemination
  • Natural quality


  • Health and education
  • Quality of life
  • Spiritual life: yoga, meditation, etc.


  • Domestic products
  • Local markets
  • Traditions
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At Ecocharco, some of our objectives are:

• Improve environmental conditions, with carbon capture.
• Support and promote biodiversity in the region.
• Counteract global warming.
• Take advantage of the climate and local soils for forest plantations
• Generate tree areas to avoid or reduce soil erosion.
• Recover and maintain natural habitats for fauna and flora.
• Create jobs and economic income in the locality, strengthening
family economies in Palizada and also expand throughout the area.

Palizada resident
Nature in the lagoon of Terminos
Carbón fijo

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Once you take part in saving Tinto trees, you impove some piece of our world!

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