Planting a tree in the ground

Why everybody has to plant a tree

Plants have always been associated with nature and health. Many of them also bring a lot of benefits for the human population and wildlife. Through photosynthesis, they eliminate oxygen while trapping in the excess of CO2. If everybody would plant a tree, then this would be an important step towards alleviating the current situation with air pollution.

Crowns of trees in the forest

Data on how much carbon dioxide do trees absorb each year

Trees play a vital role in the ecosystem’s balance. They serve as a habitat for countless species of animals, birds, and insects. However, this is not their only purpose. The chemical process known as photosynthesis is happening in the leaves of trees and all the other plants.

Red-tailed monkey sits on a tree branch

How do trees help birds and animals to survive

People and nature have to co-exist in harmony. Things started to spin out of control once the perfect balance was shattered. Human activity on Earth is causing a lot of problems for the entire ecosystem, and plants are not an exception. First of all, they serve as a source of nutrition for many living creatures.

Diagram showing how warming in the greenhouse effect occurs

The Greenhouse Effect: Meaning, Features And Ways to Reduce the Impact

Each of us at least once has heard about the greenhouse effect, but not everyone knows what it means, what causes the greenhouse effect, and what we should do to reduce the influence on our planet preventing global warming and climate change.

Nature, tropical waterfall

Multiple Solutions for how to Save the Environment

Our climate is undergoing massive changes. Many scientists believe that human activity is responsible for these rapid changes that present a real threat to the Earth’s ecosystem. Motivated by the desire of resource extraction, humans are getting rid of everything that stands in their way.

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