Data on how much carbon dioxide do trees absorb each year

Trees play a vital role in the ecosystem’s balance. They serve as a habitat for countless species of animals, birds, and insects. However, this is not their only purpose. The chemical process known as photosynthesis is happening in the leaves of trees and all the other plants. Precious oxygen is being released as a result. Photosynthesis can’t happen without dioxide carbon, water, and light. In this article, we will unveil the tree CO2 absorption rate and the impact it has over all the living creatures.

It is not a secret that the human population is interfering with nature’s processes. One of them is carbon dioxide production as a result of human activities. So how much carbon dioxide is absorbed by trees every day and every year? The answer to this question will demonstrate the importance of trees in the creation of a healthy atmosphere.

Can we get rid of the CO2 excess in the atmosphere?

Crowns of trees in the forest

At this rate, we cannot say for sure whether trees are capable of resolving our current situation. The excess of this greenhouse gas is too huge, but we can hope for improvements!

Having more than 23000 species of trees, we can calculate the amount of CO2 absorbed by trees on average. They are much more efficient in producing oxygen than smaller plants. On average, around 2.5 tons of carbon dioxide is absorbed and stored by one acre of young forest. A single tree that’s big enough is capable of providing a daily dose of oxygen that would be enough for four people. At the same time many people are interested – do trees produce CO2 as well? The answer is ‘Yes,’ but we have to be specific. All the plants are breathing, and the built-up carbon dioxide is also used for photosynthesis. It is mainly produced during nighttime, to give an extra boost to the chemical process the next day.

Young trees are most productive in this sense. They can store around 6 kg of carbon dioxide per year. With millions of pounds of CO2 being emitted into the atmosphere on a daily basis, we need a solution that would be efficient.

Leaf veins
Crowns of trees in the forest
Leaf veins
Green leaves on a tree

Is it important to control the amount of greenhouse gas in the atmosphere?

The bad news is that we’ve never had any control over climate changes, to begin with. Only when the problem became too apparent, we’ve begun to analyze the situation in order to come up with solutions. Do trees absorb CO2? Of course, they do, but now that we’ve come to this point, we can’t hope that the situation will resolve itself.

The greenhouse gases, among which are carbon dioxide, methane, and nitrous oxide, are the reason behind global warming. The control over their emission and the possibility to deal with their excess is the main goal of many scientists.

We have an estimate on yearly produced greenhouse gases. By combining these numbers to the rough area of forests, we can see that there are not enough trees to sequester the overwhelming amount of carbon dioxide.

Green leaves on a tree

Is there a way to stop global warming and CO2 emissions?

Scientists and world communities suggest that there is something we could actually try. The logical solution would be to plant as many trees as possible. It is important to overcome the destructive effects of deforestation. The amount of carbon dioxide absorbed by trees doesn’t really depend on the species, although data has been indicating that red oaks, for example, are more capable of storing carbon dioxide.

We would like to point out that it would be much more effective planting tree species that are perfect for your particular area. Trying something different in your region with a specific climate would probably result in the plant’s decay. The goals humanity is facing at the moment are to decrease the emission of greenhouse gases and to increase the number of naturally occurring processes that keep our atmosphere in a perfect balance.

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