How do trees help birds and animals to survive

People and nature have to co-exist in harmony. Things started to spin out of control once the perfect balance was shattered. Human activity on Earth is causing a lot of problems for the entire ecosystem, and plants are not an exception. First of all, they serve as a source of nutrition for many living creatures. In this article, we will uncover what animals eat trees and how they influence our habitat.

It is not a secret that fruit, leaves, buds and seedlings are extremely precious nutrients in the wild nature. In fact, every tree serves as a complex ecosystem for a big number of living things, including insects. It basically can’t be put in numbers how many animals live in trees and how these serve as shelter and provision at the same time.

Red-tailed monkey sits on a tree branch

What creatures are using trees as their home?

The rainforests are full of life. You can find monkeys, sloths, parrots, frogs, snakes, worms, spiders, butterflies, and beetles there. All of them use big plants for shelter and food. So how do trees help these animals to survive? As long as they exist, all these creatures have a home. Intense deforestation is changing this situation for them, and they don’t have any other alternatives but to retract to places untouched by human presence.

We can’t overlook nature’s food chains. Healthy trees can be full of beetles, worms, caterpillars and other insect larvae. These serve as nutrition for birds and small organisms. The cycle of life very much depends on the overall state of rainforests. All the animals that eat trees and need shelter will slowly disappear because of human interference. Planting them and protecting what we have has to be our primary goal.

Young koala eats eucalyptus leaves
Red-tailed monkey sits on a tree branch
Young koala eats eucalyptus leaves
A parrot sits on a tree branch

What are the other ecosystems dependent on trees?

First of all, these big natural structures serve as good indicators for the health of ecological systems like soil, water, and air. When they are healthy, it means that the environment doesn’t suffer any serious issues.

These perennial plants are cleaning up the air we are breathing from the excess of CO2 and other gases. They are actually making the air breathable for all the living beings. They preserve the soil and conserve water resources. Our climate and basically all the wildlife depend on trees.

A parrot sits on a tree branch

How can we preserve wildlife?

There are a lot of organisms that need our protection and safe shelter. Now that we’ve identified what animals eat trees, we know that the number is huge and the entire food chain depends on these plants. By keeping the rainforests intact, we guarantee the survival of all their inhabitants. Our environment requires positive human involvement for a change, and this is a perfect opportunity to do something about it.

Keeping the air, water, and soil in good condition is the purpose of these perennial plants. Our purpose has to be the protection of this complex ecosystem for the sake of wildlife and the entire human population.

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