Multiple Solutions for how to Save the Environment

Our climate is undergoing massive changes. Many scientists believe that human activity is responsible for these rapid changes that present a real threat to the Earth’s ecosystem. Motivated by the desire of resource extraction, humans are getting rid of everything that stands in their way. What can be done for environmental preservation right now? We will discuss the measures that could slow down the process and possibly reverse it.
Global implementation of these measures is necessary in order for them to take any effect. A collective effort is required to save the environment for future generations. Each one of us is responsible for Earth’s well-being. Our planet is just like a living organism, and now it needs help.

Measures that will protect our Planet

Some of these goals are not difficult to achieve. They simply require a bit of dedication and effort from every person. The key measures are:
1. Planting trees.
What could be easier? Finding an empty piece of land in urban or suburban areas is not a big problem. The process known as deforestation has been destroying the habitats for many animals and insects. The subsequent burning of wood is consistently increasing the level of CO2 in the atmosphere.

Nature, tropical waterfall

Global warming and melting of ice sheets cannot be attributed to this single factor, but it definitely has a huge impact. By planting trees today, we could improve the situation in the near future.
2. Recycling.
Although this measure has already been successfully implemented in many countries, there’s still plenty of room for improvement. Instead of using valuable energy and resources, we could simply reuse them again and again. This will protect our environment from continuous damage and littering.
Plastic has been invading the World Ocean for far too long. Very important biochemical processes are happening there, and we are at risk of destroying this medium for many aquatic creatures.
3. Using alternative energy sources.
Even though many countries are abandoning traditional power plants in favor of renewable energy, not many countries are ready to follow this policy. Coal burning is still a big issue. However, this is only a matter of time. Various pieces of research are indicating that we’re running out of extractable resources soon. But there are still effective solutions. The key to further progress lies in harvesting renewable sources of energy such as sun, wind, and water energy.

Potted trees for planting in the ground
Nature, tropical waterfall
Potted trees for planting in the ground
Rechargeable electric car

What are other things we can do to save our Planet?

Each one of us can contribute to the overall situation. We can become less aggressive consumers and stop buying what we don’t really need. Saving resources is something that’s taught almost in every school now. Other things we could change right now are:
1. Walking instead of driving.
There is no need to use your car if the destination is close to your home. You could use your bicycle or walk.
2. Switching to electric cars.
Reducing CO2 emissions is always a good thing. Electric and hybrid cars are gradually becoming more popular. This is our first step in trying to minimize the damage.

Rechargeable electric car

3. Donating things that you don’t need anymore.
Others may find a use for some of the things that have been piling up in their attics. You can also ask your neighbors if they need clothing or any other things that you were planning to get rid of.

How does your personal involvement help the situation?

Sadly, there are no simple solutions to the problems posed. All the states and governments have to cooperate in order to come up with efficient resolutions. At the same time, even one person can make a difference, and by showing a good example, you can teach future generations to treat our Planet with respect.

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