Why everybody has to plant a tree

Plants have always been associated with nature and health. Many of them also bring a lot of benefits for the human population and wildlife. Through photosynthesis, they eliminate oxygen while trapping in the excess of CO2. If everybody would plant a tree, then this would be an important step towards alleviating the current situation with air pollution. We will try to analyze here the current situation and bring up facts in support of that statement. We will focus our attention on oaks. These are perfect candidates for planting for many reasons. Also, here you will find a comprehensive oak tree planting guide with detailed descriptions and useful information.

Planting a tree in the ground

How does planting differ from one species of trees to another?

For many species of trees, the process of planting is very similar. If you want to know how to plant oak trees, you need to learn the basics. You have to start by finding the right place. These plants grow very tall, and their trunk reaches 4 or even 5 feet. Spread mulch around the base of the tree. This organic matter keeps the vital moisture for the plant and reduces grass competition.

Care is also very important. You have to water it at least once a week and more frequently during hot and windy weather.

Oak leaf on grass
Planting a tree in the ground
Oak leaf on grass
Big oak near the house made of brick

Why exactly are oaks a perfect choice?

First of all, there are around 600 species in the genus Quercus. All of them produce acorns, and most species need a lot of space to grow to their full potential.

Just like any other tall trees, they are very useful to the environment. They cast shades to cool the ground or buildings and stabilize the soil with their root system. However, they are very useful for our atmosphere as well. Oaks produce plenty of oxygen because they are fast growing plants. Given that they receive enough sunlight, water, and nutrients, a mature oak tree can produce up to 250 pounds of oxygen per year. Some species live up to 150 years, meaning that there’s plenty of oxygen being released and a lot of CO2 being absorbed. As much as 48 pounds (around 21 kg) can be sequestrated by a large tree per year.

How can you plant a tree?

Mature trees provide more benefits than small ones that have been recently planted. It is important to preserve mature perennial plants to help the current situation and to plant new trees to save the future. If you want to know how to plant an oak tree in order to leave a positive impact, then follow our guide.

Big oak near the house made of brick
  1. First of all, you need to select an acorn. The damaged ones won’t do. Put it in a container with water and let it stay there for a day. If it floats it the water, you will have to choose another acorn.
  2. Find a 3-4 liter container. This could be a big enough flower pot. Make holes in it for drainage. Fill it with soil from the area where you plan on planting oak trees. Place the acorn inside and cover it with 1 inch of soil or a little bit more.
  3. Locate the container in a place that would allow it to receive sunlight until noon. Water it regularly and check the soil with your finger if you are not sure if it is moist enough.
  4. When planting oak trees, you have to take into consideration the right season for that. October would be perfect. Dig a hole that’s matching the depth of your container and make sure that it is two times wider. That space has to be clean of any other conflicting roots. Make sure that there are no utility lines over that place or any cables underground.

In about three years, the plant will be fully established. Until then, you would have to water and fertilize it to ensure its normal growth. With oak trees planting, you have to remember that it is not very difficult to plant it as it is to ensure its survival.

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