Where we are?

In Palizada, a wonderful and magical town in the region of the rivers, in the southwest of the state of Campeche, on the edge of the “Laguna de Términos” protected area. The predominant image are the 150 houses roofed with French tiles, brought by the boats that returned the trunks of Tinto to the world. One feels as in previous times in this picturesque village, on the edge of the Palizada River

Initiative Group meeting in Palizada

Palizada has a public market where everything necessary for daily life is sold. Actually there are still too many outside products, we will try to convert it more into a market of locally produced agricultural products. Besides the river provides fresh fish, of which the richest and most famous are the “snook”, the “topotas” during their runs, apart from the fossil “pejelagarto” that is unique at this area.

The Mayans had already taken advantage of this interconnected system of rivers and lagoons as commercial routes. Every day a fast boat leaves for Ciudad del Carmen, going down the Palizada river and crossing the Terminos Lagoon. It returns the same day and is used by people for travel and to exchange goods. With so much local fresh products a rich gastronomy is awakening.

Tinto tree felling (Campeachy)

Once the sunset arriving, a walk through by the striking “malecon” is extremely pleasant, with its many options of benches in kiosks or under palm trees. The villagers meet to close their days with a lively conversation among friends and neighbors.

A place of peace and deep connection with nature…

Social Aspect

Craft hands that embroider color, a promising activity “Palizeña”. They use the technique cross stitching, on cotton or linen fabrics. The embroidery of typical blouses and “rebozos” carry floral and fruit motifs, the mango being the typical fruit of Palizada.

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