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Artisans from Palizada

Craft hands that embroider color, a promising activity “Palizeña”. They use the technique cross stitching, on cotton or linen fabrics. The embroidery of typical blouses and “rebozos” carry floral and fruit motifs, the mango being the typical fruit of Palizada. One purpose of our project is also to support programs to improve the economic and social situation of local women. With more knowledge and experience in the field of sewing they will be able to improve the quality of their crafts and with modern designs, an adequate marketing strategy and defined business plan hopefully open a national market and aspire to export eventually.
Craftsmanship items in Palizada
Embroider pattern
Artisans street in Palizada
Hand embroidered fabric pattern


Our motivation is to repopulate the area with Tintos, under strict natural, ecological and sustainability criteria. We will be able to absorb a lot of CO2 and capture carbon, improve the quality of the land, increase biodiversity, abate global warming and also contribute to strengthening the local economy.

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ECOCHARCO S.P.R. de R.L, Juarez 26, Palizada, Camp. 24200, Mexico